What’s with the title?

You may be wondering what the title means.  I offer you the following explanations:

  1. Quantata is a reference to physics as the quantitative science par excellence.  As good Popperians, we all know that good science is about prediction in addition to mere explanation.  Hence common pastimes for physicists include predicting the umpteenth digit in the fine structure constant, or searching for minute inaccuracies in Newton’s theory of gravity.  Sometimes this passion for precision even has practical use.
  2. A quantata is a musical celebration of all things quantum. Bach’s well-known  “Coffee Cantata” BWV211 is a somewhat tongue-in-cheek celebration of that divine drink.  Just as a quantum bit has become known as a qubit, a quantum cantata, should someone write one, would no doubt become known as a quantata (because qucantata is just too silly).
  3. Quantata is the plural form of quantum field, as in “Quantum control, quantum computing, and various other quantata promise to usher in a new revolution in technology.”
  4. Quantata is what I made up somewhat in desperation since all the other obvious blog names seemed to have already been taken.  (I have since discovered that I wasn’t the first to make up that word.)
  5. A quantata is a (partially) coherent superposition of all of the above.